Invite Facebook friends on Free invitation

Looking to share your Free invitation with your Facebook? You can add your event to Facebook with a few simple clicks.

First, please go to Guest Options under Step 2 when you are creating your invite, and if you have already sent your invite, Guest Options is located on the Add Guests page. Under Guest Options, please check the box to Allow Guests To Share Event, which will allow guests to RSVP from Facebook. 

The Facebook link is located in a couple of places for your convenience. The first place is when you are adding guests on the 2nd step, the Facebook icon is located in the top-right part of the page under "Share event link with guests". You can also share to Facebook from the Manage Invitation page as seen in the below image.

You can then start writing in your Facebook friends' names, and they will auto-populate just like when you tag a friend on Facebook.

If you add MULTIPLE friends in the "To" field, they will all be sent the invitation in a group. If you would like the invitation to be sent privately, each guest name should be type in the "To" field and be sent individually. So you will repeat the sending process for as many guests that you have that you would like to send the invite to privately.
You may also type in a group name if you belong to a group, to add the invitation to your group.

If you've already sent out your invitation, just hover over More next to your desired event and then select Manage Invitation or Add Guests. Once you click on Manage Invitation or Add Guests, you will see the Facebook icon in blue. 

- Your Facebook friends will NOT appear on your guest list until they RSVP to your event. Once they RSVP, they will be included in the automatic reminder that is sent to your "Yes", "Maybe", and "Not Yet Replied" guests.

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