Guest Notification Settings

While letting the host know of your RSVP status, you may have checked the "Notify me when guests comment" or "Notify me when guests RSVP" options. To change this and stop receiving RSVP notifications, simply go back into the invitation and click on "Change Reply."

In the screen that pops up, remove the checks next to these two options and click "Reply" to save these settings. You should not receive any RSVP or comment notifications from now on.

If you're the host of an event and don't want to receive RSVP notifications when a guest replies to your invitation, just click on "Edit Invitation" and then go to the "Edit Options" tab. Make sure that the option next to "Notify me when guests reply" or "Notify me when guests comment" aren't checked.

If this option isn't checked, you may need to check your account settings. Click on the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner where your name is and click on "Settings."

Then make sure that the boxes next to your email notifications are checked to your specific preferences.

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