Comments showing on Hidden Guest List

As the host, when you hide the guest list, the guest list is hidden from all the guests you have invited. Guests will not be able to see each other on the guest list.

The "Activity Feed" which consists of photos added and comments, will still be active. Guests can only view the Activity Feed, which consists of comments and photos.

All RSVP's, and comments written when a guest RSVP'd, will be hidden from the Activity Feed. To view any additional comments, you will select "Manage Invitation" and scroll down to your guest list. When a guest leaves a comment, it will show as a blue envelope for you to click on and view.

This is the Activity Feed which both the guests and the host can view:

This is the "Guests" tab that only the host can view with a hidden guest list:

If you do not want your Activity Feed to be active at all, we have the ability to disable it for you from our end. Simply send us an email at, and we'll take care of it! 

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