Add More Guests on iOS App

Are you looking to add more guests to your Free invitation using our iOS app? To add more guests, please see the instructions below:

- Log in to your Evite account using the mobile app
- Swipe to your desired event, and tap it once
- Tap "Guests" at the bottom left hand side of the screen
- Tap the green "Invite More" button
  1. Tap "Phone" to add guests from your phone's contact list
  2. Tap "Evite" to add guests from your Evite contact list
  3. Tap the "+" at the top right hand corner to add a guest that is not in either contact list

- Tap the green "Send Invitation" button at the bottom of the page to send your invitation(s)

Note: Only your most recently invited guests will be sent the invitation. Guests that are already on the guest list will not be notified.

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