Where is my invitation or draft?

If you're having problems locating your invitation or draft, it may be due to one of the three below conditions:

Multiple email addresses- Please be sure that you're signing into Evite using the same email address that you created the invitation with.

Facebook- If you originally signed in and created your invitation using the "Connect with Facebook" button, please sign out of your Evite account and sign back in with our "Connect with Facebook" option.

Draft Date- If the date you saved to your invitation draft has passed, then your draft is automatically deleted and you will need to recreate your draft.

Specifically for invitations, If you're still having trouble locating your invitation, please forward the copy of the email you received after sending your invitation to support@evite.com. This email will say "Thank you for sending your Evite invitation." Once we receive this information, we'll be sure to get this resolved as quickly as possible for you.

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