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Free Invitations - How do I invite my Facebook friends or post my event on Facebook?

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2015 12:04PM PDT
We've created an easier way for you to share your events with your Facebook friends! You can now add your event to Facebook with a few simply clicks.

First, please go to Guest Options under Step 1 when you are creating your invite, and if you have already sent your invite, Guest Options is located under Manage Invitation and Edit Details. Under Guest Options, please check the box to Allow Guests To Share Event, which will allow guests to RSVP from Facebook. 

The Post to Facebook link is located in several places for your convenience. The first place is when you are adding guests on the 2nd step, the Post to Facebook blue button appears on the right hand side.

Once you click on "Finish & Send," the "Post to Facebook" link is located on the next screen like so:

If you've already sent out your invitation, just click into your event and you'll see Manage Invitation in orange, below the design you chose for your invitation. Once you click on Manage Invitation, you will see Post to Facebook in blue. We've included a screen shot below to help you locate this added feature.

Once you click on this, you can choose to post your event to your personal wall, a specific friend's wall, a group or in a private message.

Lastly, we have a 3rd place that quickly allows you to send your invitation via a Facebook message, which is located here:

After clicking on this icon, all you need to do start typing the names of your Facebook friends and your message, and you're all set!

You may be asked to sign into your Facebook account at any time during this process if you're not already signed in on your computer. Please note that your Facebook friends will NOT appear on your guest list until they RSVP to your event. Once they RSVP, they will be included in the automatic reminder that is sent to your Yes, Maybe, and Not Yet Replied guests.

Stay tuned for the ability to import your Facebook contacts into your Evite Contacts list in the future.