Create What To Bring

Would you like to create a What to Bring list, so that you guests can sign up to bring chips and dip or a bottle of wine to your party? We offer a "What to Bring" list option!

Before we get started, please note that the "What To Bring" Option will show AFTER the invitation has been sent to guests, and will not show in draft form while creating the invitation. The option will show if you make your guest list public. Therefore, if you want to hide your guest list so that you can only view it under "Guest Options", it will not make the "What To Bring" available.

You can access the "What to Bring" option by clicking on the "What To Bring" tab (see screen shots below) after the invitation has been sent to guests. Once you fill out your requested items, simply select "Post" and your WTB option will then appear on your invitation. Any invited guest will be able to access their invitation and have the option to choose items they wish to bring to your event.

- When guests sign up to bring items on your What to Bring list, they'll see an option to purchase the items they've selected from Amazon

- To have greater participation on your What to Bring list, include additional instructions on your invitation's "Message" section, or utilize the "Message Guests" functionality to further alert your guests of this option.

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