Add Email Addresses to Contacts

Looking to add email addresses to your Evite Contact list? You may add contacts to your contacts list by clicking on your profile photo or initials in the upper right hand corner, and clicking "Contacts" in the drop down menu that populates.

From there, click the "New Contact" button, enter your new contact's information, and then click the green "Add Contact" button to save them to your list. 

To delete a contact, simply click the red "x" beside the contact that you wish to remove.

  • Guests that you add to the guest lists of your invitations will be automatically saved to your Evite Contact List after you've sent the invitation to them. 
  • We do not currently offer the ability to sort or filter contacts alphabetically. All contacts will be sorted in the order that you add them (hold tight! we're working on fixes for this.)

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