Hide or un-hide Free Invitation guest list

Are you looking to hide your guest list so that your guests are only visible to you (the host)? To hide or unhide your guest list, see the instructions below:

- Log in to your Evite account
- Click "View All Events", and then click on the "Edit Details" button.  

- Click the "Hide Guest List" bar on the right, and check or uncheck the "Make the guest list only visible to the host" check box. 
-Click the green "Update" button

- When hiding your guest list, your guests' names, RSVPs, and any comments left at the time of their RSVPs will be disabled. Any comments left by guests independent of their RSVP will show up on your event's Activity Feed.

- Once you hide your guest list, this will also disable the comments from showing up in the "Event Conversation" on your invitation, as well as the "What to bring" and "Poll" features.

- To view your guests' comments when your guest list is hidden, simply click "Manage Invitation" under your invitation, and scroll down to reveal your guest list. Guests that have left a comment will have a blue envelope by their names. Click the blue envelope to read their comments.

- As the host, the guest list will still appear when you view the invitation.

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