Add More Guests to Premium Invitation

Are you looking to add more guests to your Premium invitation? Please see the instructions below:

- Log in to your Evite account
- Click "More" beside your invitation and choose "Add Guests"

- Enter your guests' email addresses or mobile numbers in the text box provided, then click the green "Update" button at the top right corner (you will see how many remaining invitation sends you have in the "Order Total" box on the right)

- Click "Send Now" to send the invitation to your newly added guests

- You can add more guests to your guest list at any time leading up to the event start date. Simply click "More" beside your invitation from the home page and click "Add Guests". You will need remaining invitation sends to add more guests. If you do not have any available, the site will prompt you to purchase a new package. 
- Only your most recently invited guests will be sent the invitation. Guests that are already on the guest list will not be notified. 
- These instructions are only for Premium invitations and do not apply to Free invitations. If you need the instructions for adding guests to your Premium invitation, please click HERE


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