Add link to a website on Premium Invitation

Would you like to add a link to your Premium invitation?

To do so, please log in, and select "Edit Details" next to your event.

You will then select "Add a Text Insert" in the bottom left hand corner.

Next, you will write out a short description for the item that you would like linked, and highlight the word that you want to direct your guests to the site. For example, you can state "Please fill out the instructions HERE". The HERE will then take them to your website.

After highlighting, you will select the hyperlink symbol:

 A box will pop up where you will add your link:

Your description will now be hyperlinked and when your guests select it, it will take them to your website:

Your guests will see the insert card, right after they view your invitation, and the insert will directly follow the card, before they RSVP.


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