Add A Co-Host (Free)

Are you looking to add a co-host to your free invitation? The co-host will be able to do things like add and remove guests from the guest list, make edits to the invitation, send a message to guests, and more!

 Please see the instructions below:

When creating your invitation, click the "Add a Co-Host" link to the right of the "Hosted By" field.

- Please enter the host names in the "Hosted By" field exactly as you wish your guests to see them (what you enter in this field will be shown to guests).
- There can only be 1 additional host/co-host per invitation. 
- Your co-host must have an Evite account (click HERE to register for an Evite account)

From there, enter the name and email address of your co-host:

After you have completed and sent your invitation, your co-host will receive an email advising them that they've been added to your invitation as a co-host:

*More Notes* 
- You can add a co-host after your invitation has already been sent. To do so: Click "More" beside your invitation title and choose "Edit Details" > Click "Add a Co-Host" beside the "Hosted By" field. 
The co-host will not be able to remove the Primary host, or have access to post event Thank You notes. 
- A co-host can be deleted by: clicking "Edit Details" under your invitation > Clicking the "Remove Co-Host Link" (pictured in second photo, above). 

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