Guests not showing on Guest List

If you have added your guests to your guest list but do not see them on the guest list, it is possible you have not sent them and they are on your "Saved Guest List". Your guests will only be sent the invitation when you press "Finish and Send. "

When you press "Save and Send Later". Your guests are saved on the guest list, to be sent later, at a later time when you wish to send them out. 

To send out your guest list, please go to "Manage Invitation" and "Saved Guest List" in GREEN.

Once on the "Save Guest List" page, you will see your saved guests, and you can select "Finish and Send" to send them out immediately.

Also, if you sent your invitation via it's shareable link (text, email, social media), guests will not show up on the guest list until after they've RSVP'd. 

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