Send Guests Invitation Link for Free Invitation

You can now easily send a link to your friends to RSVP to your invite! Please note, these guests that you are sending to should NOT already be on your guest list. You should send the link to friends that you have not added to the guest list so that when they receive your link, they can add themselves on to the invitation by RSVPing. In addition, please do not copy and paste the Evite URL at the top of your page to give to your friends, as that is used only for you.

You can find the shareable link AFTER you send the invite, under "Manage Invitation". You can select "Copy" to copy the URL. You do not need to use the Facebook button unless you want to Post to Facebook.

If you have sent out your invitation already and want to post to Facebook, please go to Manage Invitation and Invite More, and here you will see the link on the right hand side, which will appear just like the first image above.

Currently, this feature only works on FREE invitations. For Premium Paid invitations, we are working on this feature. Each package purchased on a Premium invitation, contains a certain number of invitations that can be used to send via email. We are looking to bring a feature that will allow users to purchase a larger package to send out a public URL. Please stay tuned!

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