Guest names on Envelopes for Premium invitation

When you are previewing your card, and when you view the envelope and it states "Your Guest's Name Here", this means that the name that you put in the 2nd step of creating your invite, the Add Guest step, is the name that will appear for your guest on his or her card. You may also press the green pencil button to edit their name before you send the invite. 

There are a few ways you may address your guests on the envelope.

When adding guests under the Invite Step, or Invite More, you may use an "&" in between names, such as Adam & Michelle, "And" is also interchangeable.

Secondly, you may input just the first name, such as Rachel,

Thirdly, you may put Mr. and Mrs., or Mr. & Mrs. McKinley, for a more formal appearance.

Please note, special characters such as quotations, plus signs, percentages or the like, cannot be used in email addresses or names, as they will prevent the guest from being added to the guest list.

​If you want to change your guest names after you have sent the invitation, you may go to "Manage Invitation" and select the green pencil on the guest list next to your desired guest, to edit their name.

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