Premium Paid Option

Evite Premium (formerly known as Evite Postmark) is Evite's paid option, and you can learn more about it HERE.

In addition to a more professional and elegant experience for hosts and guests, Evite Premium invitations are advertisement-free and offer users many additional features that are sure to complement any event's planning and execution.

Premium invitations come with a complimentary envelopes that guests can click on from their email inbox. The envelope will open up to reveal the card and any additional information. As you create a Premium invitation, you can choose to add personal embellishments such as inserts (additional photo or text cards) and custom photo stamps and send cards to a set amount of recipients for a flat fee. For a fun video of all the features we have to offer, you can check it out HERE.

*Please note that our Premium invitations are not hard copy/printed invitations. All Evites are digital, and sent via email. 

Please click here to view the online Premium Invitation Gallery


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